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Hiking eldorado in the Naturepark Nagelfluhkette, © Hörnerdörfer
  • Fischen »»

    Rejuvenating leisuretime destination in the Iller river valley with panoramic views of the mountains. Ideal for bike tours, Nordic walking, leisurely strolls, and low-impact hikes. Certified premium-class health climate, e-bike tours and exceptional shopping opportunities.

  • Bolsterlang »»

    Panoramic views across the Iller river valley, at the very heart of the Allgäu Alps. You won’t find a more picture perfect mountain village than this gem at the foot of the Hörnerkette mountain range, surrounded by picturesque Alpine meadows.

  • Obermaiselstein »»

    Family-friendly mountain village in panoramic surroundings with views of the Allgäu region mountain world. Nature highlights, like the only underground cave of the Allgäu region are just a leisurely walk away.

  • Balderschwang »»

    A natural treasure: the small Alpine village of Balderschwang. Nestled at the heart of Nature Park Nagelfluhkette, situated at 1,044 metres (3,425 feet) above sea level in a virtually untouched valley near the border to Vorarlberg.

  • Ofterschwang »»

    A beautiful Alpine village with panoramic views of the Allgäu mountains, renowned for its regional delicacies and its skiing- and golf resort. Offers range from farm accommodation, lovely holiday flats to luxury holidays at a golf resort, and a specialized family hotel.

Weather ForecastWeather Forecast

The weather forecast for the Hörnerdörfer, weather station near Bolsterlang. 


Saturday, 29.04.2017

Temperature: -1 to 8 °C
Probability of precipitation: 1 %
Snow line: 1680 m
Morning Mostly sunny
Noon Sunny
Evening Sunny

Sunday, 30.04.2017

Temperature: 4 to 11 °C
Probability of precipitation: 5 %
Snow line: 2130 m
Morning Fog
Noon Sunny
Evening Sunny

Monday, 01.05.2017

Temperature: 3 to 6 °C
Probability of precipitation: 100 %
Snow line: 1020 m
Morning Fog
Noon Showers
Evening Rain

Tuesday, 02.05.2017

Temperature: 3 to 9 °C
Probability of precipitation: 75 %
Snow line: 1360 m
Morning Rain
Noon Mostly sunny
Evening Mostly sunny

Wednesday, 03.05.2017

Temperature: 2 to 9 °C
Probability of precipitation: 85 %
Snow line: 1530 m
Morning Showers
Noon Rain
Evening Rain