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Hörner Panorama Tour - mountain station to mountain station

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    Photo: Naturpark Nagelfluhkette e.V.
  • Ofterschwanger Horn
    / Ofterschwanger Horn
    Photo: Melanie Meissner, Ofterschwang
  • Fahnengehren Alpe bei Abenddämmerung
    / Fahnengehren Alpe bei Abenddämmerung
    Photo: Michael Redecker, Tourismus Hörnerdörfer GmbH
  • Ofterschwanger Horn im Abendlicht
    / Ofterschwanger Horn im Abendlicht
    Photo: Tourismus Hörnerdörfer GmbH
  • Im Garten Eden der Alpen
    / Im Garten Eden der Alpen
    Video: Hörnerdörfer im Allgäu
  • Hörnerbahn Bolsterlang
    / Hörnerbahn Bolsterlang
    Photo: Stefanie Bechter, Tourismus Hörnerdörfer GmbH
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    Photo: Stefanie Bechter, Tourismus Hörnerdörfer GmbH
  • Alpenrosen
    / Alpenrosen
    Photo: Stefanie Bechter, Tourismus Hörnerdörfer GmbH
  • Alpe Fahnengehren
    / Alpe Fahnengehren
    Photo: Stefanie Bechter, Tourismus Hörnerdörfer GmbH
Map / Hörner Panorama Tour - mountain station to mountain station
1200 1350 1500 1650 1800 m km 1 2 3 4 5 Hörnerbahn - Sommerbergbahn in Bolsterlang Weiherkopf Rangiswanger Horn Ofterschwanger Horn

Following the motto: "take the Allgäu by its horns, this route is the highlight for a fairly easy hike across the mountain back.

5.7 km
2:45 h
256 m
480 m

The tour can be started either from the mountain station of the Weltcup-Express in Ofterschwang or from the mountain station of the Hörnerbahn in Bolsterlang. It leads over the ridge of Hörnerkette (mountain range). This tour offers spectacular panoramic views of the Allgäu Alps and is suitable for families.

Author’s recommendation

Both lifts offer a combined ticket, which is cheaper than the corresponding ascent / descent to buy. You can, depending on the starting point take one of the two cable cars up and the other cable car back down. User
Hörnerdörfer im Allgäu
Updated: 2019-05-20

1662 m
1301 m
Highest point
Weiherkopf (1662 m)
Lowest point
Bergstation Weltcup Express (1301 m)
Best time of year

Rest Stop

Talhütte Bolsterlang
Schlitte Hitte - Lodge
Ristorante-Pizzeria Cortina
Sennalpe Ornach
Weltcup-Hütte Lodge
Alpe Fahnengehren

Safety information

You are hiking through the Nature Park Nagelfluhkette. A Nature Park is a protected landscape created by long-term use and cultivation. This valuable cultural landscape is to be preserved in its present form, but at the same time also to be used.

Please note the following recommendations:

  • Please do not make noise.
  • Please do not go off the road.
  • Please do not make an open fire.
  • Please only camp on marked areas.
  • Please do not resettle plants or animals.
  • Please do not pick plants and flowers.
  • Please do not collect mushrooms.
  • Please do not collect stones or minerals.
  • Please do not feed animals.
  • Please do not leave any rubbish.
  • Please dispose of dog droppings in public dog kennels or at home


The right equipment for your tour consists of proper hiking boots and clothing appropriate to the weather. Take sun cream and water along. Note that you are in the mountains and weather changes can be expected at any time.


Mountain station Weltcup-Express (Ofterschwang) or mountain station Hörnerbahn (Bolsterlang) (1525 m)
47.460602, 10.205659
32T 590869 5257055

Turn-by-turn directions

If you start in Bolsterlang, the path from the mountain station leads right up to the Weiherkopf (1665 m), the highest point of the tour. Alternatively, take the path on the right below the Weiherkopf towards north. Follow the panorama route. You can bypass the following peaks or ascent to each - Rangiswanger Horn (1612m), Sigiswanger Horn (1527 m) and Ofterschwanger Horn (1406 m). At the end, a well paved trail leads around Ofterschwanger horn. The path across the peaks sometimes leads steeply uphill and in the following downhill again. The most popular route traverses on the east side of the mountain range.

The view will surely inspire you! Apart from the Allgäu Alps peaks Hochvogel, Mädelegabel, Widderstein, Rotspitze etc. you will be able to see the Tyrolean mountains. The best lookouts on the tour are the top of the Weiherkopf, the Rangiswanger and the Ofterschwanger Horn.

Going back to the starting point can be easily done by bus from Bolsterlang to Ofterschwang or vice versa. Find out about the exact departure times of the buses in the toursit information, at the stops or at the cashier of the cable cars.

Refreshments:  at the base sation in Ofterschwang you will find the Schlitte Hitte, the Pizzeria Cortina and the Wurzel Hütte. Along the way there is the Weltcup Hütte  at the mountain station, the Fahnengehren Alpe between the Ofterschwanger and the Sigiswanger Horn and in Bolsterlang the Hörni's Nest at the mountain station, the Alpe Ornach at the middle station or the Talhütte at the base station.

Public transport

From Sonthofen train and bus station by bus to Ofterschwang (bus Sonthofen - Ofterschwang - Bolsterlang) or Fischen (via Bolsterlang)

Schedule for buses and trains in the southern Upper Allgäu (german)

Getting there

A7 up to Waltenhofen, on the A980 exit Sonthofen - Immenstadt to the B19 and follow signs to the right either Ofterschwang or Bolsterlang.


Weltcup-Express base station (Ofterschwang) or base station of the Hörnerbahn (Bolsterlang)
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Author’s map recommendations

You can buy good and affordable hiking maps of the region in the Tourist Information in Ofterschwang.

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5.7 km
2:45 h
256 m
480 m
Loop Scenic With refreshment stops Mountain railway ascent/descent Family friendly


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