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Friday, 13.09.2019
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In the alps, no matter which country you go to, it is an old tradition that the cattle are sent from their normal farms in the valley, to regions in the mountains, where they stay over summer. Often, there are also cows joining them, which produce a special milk: when cows eat the different types of herbs, which you can only find in higher located areas, the milk and also the cheese made of it gets a special and unique flavour. The herdsman is entrusted with the cattle and the cows by the local farmes to bring their animals back healthy in the middle of september.

These incredible men and women take their job very seriously and esteem this work as a kind of gift, working outside in the nature and at a place they truly love. Mostly they know every single cattle by name, which is a high output because there are often over 150 cattle per herdsman.

When the summer is over (June - September) the cattle come down from the mountains, are separated and go back to their owners and their farms in the valley.

This event is often celebrated in a huge festival, which is called "Viehscheid" at Balderschwang.

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