Traditional event "Klausentreiben" in Hüttenberg

Thursday, 05.12.2019
Start: 18:30 Duration: 3:00 h
Price: free

Young, unmarried men dressed and muffled with beast-like horned heads and rods run through the village of Hüttenberg.

It is an old Alemannian tradition since over a thousand years throughout the Alps. It is being said, that they want to chase away the demons of the dark winter nights with the loudness of the cow bells and the evil look of the costumes. They appear from the surrounding forests and run through the streets of the villages, knock at the doors and call on the children to say a prayer or sing a song they have learnd - or make i.e. push-ups if they cannot perform. if they haven't behaved throughout the year, they might get hidings on their legs with the rods.

We recommend to  stay indoors and watch through the windows as from 6 pm. Never challenge a "Klaus"!

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