Tip Cattle drive festival in Gunzesried

Tuesday, 17.09.2019
Start: 08:30 Duration: 5:00 h
Price: free

The biggest traditional festival in the Gunzesrieder valley! Just in time before the first snow falls on the mountain peaks, the shepherds lead the cattle herds down from the alpine pastures to the valley, where the cattle are seperated and returned to their owners. This is a feast for the cattle and the shepherds who have spent the whole summer way up on the mountain pastures.

With at least 1,600 animals from 15 alps then enter the valley and only the herds who have spent the alpine summer accident-free get a splendidly decorated cow which leads the herd. A big festive tent offers entertainment food and plenty beer until late at night. There is also a market outside the tent. Whoever wants to experience the cattle drive must get up early. The first herds are already expected at 9:00 am in Gunzesried, the last animals will arrive at around 12:30 pm. From 11.00 am onwards the celebrations start in the tent.

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