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  • Fischen »»

    Rejuvenating leisuretime destination in the Iller river valley with panoramic views of the mountains. Ideal for bike tours, Nordic walking, leisurely strolls, and low-impact hikes. Certified premium-class health climate, e-bike tours and exceptional shopping opportunities.

  • Bolsterlang »»

    Panoramic views across the Iller river valley, at the very heart of the Allgäu Alps. You won’t find a more picture perfect mountain village than this gem at the foot of the Hörnerkette mountain range, surrounded by picturesque Alpine meadows.

  • Obermaiselstein »»

    Family-friendly mountain village in panoramic surroundings with views of the Allgäu region mountain world. Nature highlights, like the only underground cave of the Allgäu region are just a leisurely walk away.

  • Balderschwang »»

    A natural treasure: the small Alpine village of Balderschwang. Nestled at the heart of Nature Park Nagelfluhkette, situated at 1,044 metres (3,425 feet) above sea level in a virtually untouched valley near the border to Vorarlberg.

  • Ofterschwang »»

    A beautiful Alpine village with panoramic views of the Allgäu mountains, renowned for its regional delicacies and its skiing- and golf resort. Offers range from farm accommodation, lovely holiday flats to luxury holidays at a golf resort, and a specialized family hotel.

Chapel of WesterhofenChapel of Westerhofen

Category: Buildings & constructions, Churches & chapels

87527 Ofterschwang

After the first wooden chapel in 1835 could not withstand a storm, already in 1836 - where now the fire department is - a new chapel was built.

However, since this chapel stood right at the thoroughfare of Westerhofen, and the road was being used more and more from year to year, it started showig large cracks on the walls. Then also the foundation didn't hold anymore, so the chapel had to be demolished in 1990 and rebuilt at its present location. On 02 June 1991 a consecration of the new chapel was carried out by Bishop Rudolf Schmid.