Heimathaus & FIS Skimuseum Fischen

Fischen, as it used to be…

The “Heimathaus” heritage centre with FIS ski museum is housed in a typical Allgaeu farmhouse in Fischen. It has all the characteristic features of Allgaeu houses and is therefore perfect to accommodate the museum. The “Gschwenderhaus” has been carefully restored and turned out to be a stroke of luck from a monument preservation point of view thanks to its use as a museum. Objects and vehicles from “old” Fischen have been collected and are lovingly displayed here.

FIS Skimuseum

Skiing is probably one of the most beautiful things you can do in winter. The enthusiasm for this sport on two planks has always been great in the Hoernerdoerfer mountain villages. So great that they set up a special museum for it: the FIS Skimuseum (one of 29 museums with this title worldwide) in the same house as the heritage centre shows an incredible variety of exhibits from the history of Alpine and Nordic skiing as well as other winter sports – a real highlight. Jumping skis are exhibited from 1925 to the present day and curling stones and ice skates from the past have also found a home here, among other things. The ski workshop shows all kinds of tools for producing and repairing skis. You can obtain more information at

Opening hours:
Every Tuesday and Thursday from 3.00 to 5.00 p.m. (group guided tours on request).

Residents and guests of the Hoernerdoerfer mountain villages (with H-AWC) have free admission. Visitors from outside the villages and any groups with a guided tour pay € 2 per person.


Interview mit Georg Larsch, dem 1. Vorsitzenden des Fördervereins, und dem Referenten des Skimuseums, Florian Ruppaner (PDF, 337,70 KB)

Special offers

Cool Kids special

Cool for families! Once in spring and once in autumn, there is a special family-friendly offer: during the offer period, children here receive free admission if accompanied by two adults.

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