Alpe Fahnengehren

An authentic alpine summer alp at the Ofterschwanger Horn. The hut is managed during summer from the end of May to the middle of September and offers hikers tasty bread with cheese and ham, cake and refreshments.

The Alpe Fahnengehren is a typical alp for the Allgäu, which is inhabited and managed from end of May to mid-September. Just as long as the young cattle are enjoying the fresh and the juicy herbs, before it goes back to the valley in autumn. The shepherd Gabriele Eberhardt spoils you during the summer months with cold regional products and refreshing beverages. The hut is situated next to the walking trail around the Ofterschwanger Horn and on the panoramic tour over the Hörnerkette mountains to Bolsterlang, so that you are well taken care of on the way.

Opening hours:

  • during Summer open daily as from mid-May until mid-September
  • from 10:00 - 16:00 o'clock
  • closed during winter

We specialize on

Retreat for hikers

Hiking across the "Hörner-Panorama-Tour" or when takeing a leisurely walk around the Ofterschwanger Horn, a stopover on the Alpe Fahnengehren should not be missed. Refreshing beverages and tasty regional products ensure the typical Allgäu alpine character. Here you can experience the Allgäu Alps with all your senses - you can feel the peace, enjoy the wonderful view, the calming alpine sound from the bells, taste the delicious regional products, smell the soothing atmosphere.

Enjoy Allgäu Alps

We are partner of the association "Allgäuer Alpgenuss e. V. "and have obliged us to offer our guests exclusively local products. On the "Allgäuer Alpgenuss" Alps, guests and consumers can be sure that it is a pleasure to stay and rest on the Alps. Our guests have the self-evident right to know where the milk or cheese is produced, who delivers the bread or the sausage. The drinks offered also come from the region, from Allgäu-Swabian family breweries. Since we have always held the opinion that products on the Alps should be locally produced, it was a matter of course for us to join this association as a member.

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