Hörnerdörfer mountain villages

Arrive without travelling. In the heart of nature, in the heart of Allgäu. A holiday is a home from home in five welcoming mountain villages at three altitudes. Direct access to the fascinating alpine world of the Nagelfluhkette nature park.

Whether it’s wintry white on a skiing holiday, sunny yellow in spring, meadow green on a summer holiday or golden yellows and red on an autumn hiking holiday, you can explore the outdoors at any time of year in Allgäu’s Hörnerdörfer mountain villages Fischen, Ofterschwang, Obermaiselstein, Bolsterlang and Balderschwang.

Gentle grassy mountains and exhilarating summits

Endless freedom of movement and a rich variety of outdoor fun. Wooden crosses mark the joy of getting to the summit, with 360° mountain views all around. The Riedberger Horn is the highest elevation in the Hörnerkette mountain range at 1,787 m and one of the most stunning panoramic mountains in Allgäu. From June the climb up to the summit passes through bright red slopes where alpine roses bloom. A magnificent panoramic view on the summit plateau: over Allgäu’s High Alps, the vast Illertal valley, Bregenz Forest, the Nagelfluh mountain range and the Gottesacker plateau.

Over ridge grassland from peak to peak. Anyone hiking through the mountains around the Hörnerdörfer mountain villages won’t find unconquerable rock faces but wildly romantic groups of peaks with unique grassy mountains, rocky high plateaus and ridge grassland connecting one peak to the other, some over kilometres. You feel like a “real mountain scout” on one or two of the winding mountain paths. Right at the heart of nature. One of the most striking peaks is the “Siplinger”, a typical Nagelfluh mountain, some of whose slopes fall away steeply, broken up by colossal jagged rock formations.

Natural food on the alp. Allgäu’s Braunvieh cattle graze on the mountain pastures around the Alps from May to September. The chiming of cow bells is the sound of Allgäu. Hikers are served fresh cheese, buttermilk, crunchy farmhouse bread and other home-made food on the “Sennalpen”, alpine dairy farms. One of these traditional alpine farms is situated along the trail on virtually every mountain tour in the Hörnerdörfer mountain villages. The taste of nature. Savour Allgäu’s nature!

Experience the Hörnerdörfer mountain villages in Allgäu: